The storage industry has been expanding at a rapid rate ever since its inception, to accommodate larger and larger files produced by the technological boom. From floppy drives, to CD-ROMs, to HDDs, Tape Libraries and SSDs, the size, the medium and technology of storage devices has constantly evolved to fulfil the requirements of the "Market". We has experienced the paradigm shift caused by each of these trends, and therefore understands these technologies and how to leverage each of them for your benefit.

we offer various solutions and services, to fulfil all your possible storage needs including:

  • Helping you determine the best possible storage medium, technology, and size for your device based on your current environment, applications/workload & usage period, so you can utilize your device to the fullest capacity to increase business performance.
  • Delivering, installing, and commissioning the device for you, and helping you migrate from an older device(s), if necessary.
  • Helping you set up Automated-Backups and Backup-Archival for your infrastructure, and providing you with leading Management Suites so that you have complete control over your devices, and all your sensitive data.

To offer these solutions and service, we have tied up with the leaders of the industry .